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Our Mission

Cutting, a working skill in the ranch industry,  is utilizing a horse to separate a cow from a herd. Cutting may be utilized for branding, castrating or marking and shipping cattle that has been sold. The skill of cutting is hard earned over time, with practice and training for both horse and rider. Riders learn discipline, teamwork and control of both self and horse.

The Pennsylvania Cutting Horse Association (PCHA) is a non-profit association formed to promote, in all ways, the interest in cutting.

If you are not Willing to Learn
No one can help you.
If you are Determined to Learn
No one can stop you
— unknown

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President Andy Sutliff               Vice President Jack Werner             Secretary Joanne Cote Thayer                Treasurer Karla Maynes          

Board Members

Joe Costa   *   John Costa   *   Amara Hittinger   *  Robin McNichol  *  Karlene Minnich  *  Jon Munley  *  Carl Shoemaker  *  Bill Stein

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                                                                 Joanne Cote Thayer, 2016. Photo by D. T. Olsen, Webbed Foot Photography

                                                               Joanne Cote Thayer, 2016. Photo by D. T. Olsen, Webbed Foot Photography